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"I would like to Thank Kent Hutcheson for his outstanding and professional guide service.

My son and I have been using Hutch's Fishing service for 11 years now. He has many years of exceptional knowledge of fishing. We have always felt Hutch's personal interest for our safety and harvesting top quality fish for our daily limit. Thank you Hutch."

Max and Tom Nordeen

"Hello Hutch, just wanted to say thank you from all of us for one of the most memorable trips of a lifetime.

The Walleye, Smally, and Northern fishing that you and your guides provided us was second to none. Going the extra mile the second day to keep us safe on rough water but still putting us on the fish was greatly appreciated, and the lodging, meals, service, and the history lessons were impeccable. We are looking forward to seeing you in 2013.. Once again, THANKS.."

Gordy Sorensen
The Roberts Pump Company - Cario, Nebraska

"I've traveled to the Pierre area for over twenty-five years to hunt peasants, ducks, geese and to fish.

During that time I've taken many trips with "Hutch" and have never had a disappointing day! Kent Hutcheson is a true "Guides, Guide"!"

Mark Dorn
FLW Outdoors
Director of Operations

"I make an annual trip to South Dakota with my three sons to fish with Hutch.

I do a lot with my boys but this trip is always great for all of us. Time spent on the water away from distractions is priceless and invariably brings us closer. We have many great stories and memories about fishing with Hutch. My oldest two sons are now in college and are still excited about the next trip. I have also brought friends and their boys on the trip as well. Hutch is able to accommodate larger groups as well. Overall, the trip is easy and stress-free. We also catch a lot of fish along the way. Hutch is a fantastic fishing guide, but more importantly a great friend."

Dr. Paul Jacobsen
Omaha, Nebraska

“With 35 years of experience on Lake Sharp and Lake Oahe, Hutch is a tireless promoter for everyone to have a great fishing experience while in the Pierre area.

For the last 10 years I have observed Hutch always going the extra mile to insure consistent limits for his clients. I am confident that Hutch has few equals when it comes to knowing these lakes and how to catch the fish on a daily basis."

Rich Smith

"I have hunted and fished multiple times with Hutch.

Always a first class service. Hutch will put you on more pheasants in a day than most places can in a week. I hunt 25 to 30 days a year for pheasants and Hutch is the best for quality wild birds. The fishing is second to none. We went out late this year in December and nailed the walleye's, 18 inch average with three guy's.

Last year we hunted geese and that is a blast every time. The food is great, we have a hot breakfast cooked by Hutch, sandwiches in the field for dinner, and then what ever you want for supper. Beds are warm and comfortable. If you are going to book one hunt this year make it with Hutch. My personal favorite is combo fishing and pheasants in the same day for two or three days in row. Ask around the Pierre area and everyone will tell you how great a fisherman Hutch is . He has proven it to me and my partners."

Troy Swift
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

"I've known Hutch for the last ten years, and have fished with him and around him many, many times.

Having been an avid walleye fisherman for over fifty years, I can assure you there's nobody better than Hutch.

The most experienced guide in the area, Hutch's ability to find and catch fish under any conditions is absolutely unbelievable to watch and be a part of. He's a real gentleman and top-notch professional who uses nothing but the best equipment. For a South Dakota walleye experience you'll never forget, Hutch is absolutely at the top of my list. Simply put, nobody compares with Hutch. Give Hutch a call for your next trip..............You'll never regret it !"

Lt Col Guy Barrett
USAF (Ret)

"My wife and I first met Hutch at a Fishing Show in Omaha some seven (7) years ago.

We talked to several of the guides at this show, but Hutch just stood out. With a personality that makes you feel like you have known him forever it was a “no brainer” to select him as our guide for Walleye fishing in the Pierre, South Dakota area on Lake Oahe. Our first guided fishing trip took place in May several years ago now. The first day temperature was near freezing, but we fished off the Missouri river below the dam and caught several walleye before returning to shore around noon, due to some strong weather that moved in. The next day was a complete opposite with temperature near 70 degrees. We limited out that day. My wife always seems to catch the biggest and the most fish and Hutch gets a “kick” out of that. She doesn’t like touching the fish so Hutch takes these off for her and rebaits her hook and she is back in business. For the next few years we went just as a couple and then we had some friends of ours go with us and had a great time. One evening coming in we fought 5 ft. waves, but Hutch navigated us off the water and to shore just fine. In more recent years we brought a gentleman with us in his mid-70’s and Hutch was always considerate of him and made sure that he had a good time.

Finally, I can state that on several of our fishing trips with Hutch when others on the lake were not catching fish we always had plenty to clean at the end of the day. His knowledge of where to go on Lake Oahe is among the very best. We laugh and have a great time all day long. Come the end of the day it is always fun to watch him clean and pack our fish for us. On some occasions we even had some of our fish cooked at the local restaurant that same evening – it doesn’t get any better than that.

So if you are looking for a qualified guide with much experience and also a person to have a great time with on and off the lake it doesn’t get any better than Hutch Hutcheson. My wife and I strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to join him on Lake Oahe – you will not be disappointed!"

Alan & Ellen Buckley
Springfield, Nebraska

"I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much our group enjoyed our time with your team in early Sept.

We had a large group of 50 growers attend the outing in SD. Hutch and his team were instrumental in helping organize the event from start to finish they took care of everything, from lodging, meals and entertainment along with providing a crew of the finest guides in SD. All of our fishermen caught their limits of nice fish averaging 17 - 18 in. each day. Everyone had a great time and for several a fishing trip of a lifetime. If you are looking for a Fishing Guide Service that can handle small or large groups I highly recommend Hutch's Guide Services."

Lonnie Smith
Pioneer Seeds

"2011 was best year ever, absolutely fabulous.

Look forward to seeing you in fall."

Charlie Kerr

Hutch, thank you for the fantastic trip.

It was everything you described and more. You, Dave and Paul are terrific hosts. I don't know if there is any place on earth that you can experience that number of pheasants and have such world class walleye fishing in one location. Thanks again Hutch. I am looking forward to my next trip out.

Mile Schnettler
NAVICO/ Lowrance

Kent Hutcheson
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Hutch say's...
Kent Hutcheson

The 2023 open water fishing season is here. Once again a big thank you to my 2022 customers for your business last year and in years past. You can scroll thru the catch's/reports tab above for previous years and see a lot of happy faces and also around a 100 % walleye limit success story. The thing I am the most proud of is the amount of repeat customers that you will see if you scroll back over the years. This is a real good indication of the kind of fishing/hunting we have in the Pierre area along with supporting my decision to start my guide service here years back. Just a lot of great memory's with a lot of great folks.

Lake Oahe could be a little slower and more challenging on the lower end of the Lake. Walleye numbers appear to be less from basically the Cheyenne down to the dam but the further up river you go numbers of both bait and fish improve. To me this probably means I will spend more time fishing north of Pierre on Oahe, Most of the walleye/smallmouth fishing should be good for the good with most guides and experienced anglers doing well. Water levels should be high and that will help hopefully with a smelt run this year. Bait fish continue to be good on Oahe but a smelt run would really help the over all fishery.

Lake Sharpe this year. Plenty of shad again makes this another great year on the small lake. There should be plenty of over 15 inch walleye around making limits for the anglers spending time on the water very good. Smallmouth fishing should continue to be excellent however average size will be better on Oahe. Catfishing on both lakes will be great for those spending the time to fish for these guys. They are an under fished alternative and can make for a great mixed bag experience. Northern and white bass make for more eating fish limits on both lakes.

I will continue to post the fishing catch's/reports pages as soon as I get on the water with an average up date every 3 days in the hope that this feature will help those of you who are planning trips. I will give general info on area's we are fishing ,depths we are fishing, and baits that are working along with picture's of the size fish we are catching. My hope is that you can use this feature to help you in planning a trip or saving some time in hunting the fish.

Lake Oahe/Sharpe in the Pierre area still continues to be one the best location's for the quality of fishing/hunting that is here for those coming from Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, even eastern Colorado and eastern Wyoming. We also see a lot of Wisconsin Minnesota angler's over here so we hope you will come our way. There are also many other things to do while in Pierre. Information on my things to do tab will show some of these.

If you need a licensed experienced ( 30 plus years and USCG CAPTAIN) guide service please give me a call or send and email and hopefully we can do a trip together sometime.

Hutch's Guide Service

U.S.C.G. Master Captain
U.S.C.G. Master Captain ref #2976405 and
Commercial Assistance Towing License