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Thank You For Stopping By My Booth

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth at the Black Hills Show. My next stop is the Omaha Boat and Travel Show next week from Thursday the 21st thru Sunday the 24th. Hope to see you there.


Not much has changed on the fishing around Pierre with almost no boat traffic to speak of. The bite continues to be slow for open water fishing but where the ice is safe some nice fish are being caught. The Council Bluffs, IA show I just did had great traffic and I thank all of you that stopped by my seminars and my booth. Nice to see you and will see many of you again this summer. I wanted to let every one know I will be at the Black Hills Sport Show the 8th 9th and 10th of February doing a seminar on Saturday at 10 in the morning on fishing around the Pierre area. I will also have my booth there so if you are in Rapid City stop by and visit. I will then go down to Omaha and have my booth at the annual Omaha Boat and Travel show Feb 21st  22nd 23rd and the 24th so for my Omaha area customers/friends stop by. Then I guess I will be like a lot of us and just wait for the nice days to return and get the boat back out and go fishing. I hope everyone is having a good and safe time getting through the cold months and recognize for many this is a favorite time of the year for both hunting and getting out on the ice. My preference has always been the warm water spring/summer fishing but good luck to those enjoying and braving the colder weather. Hope to see some of you at the above shows.

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Just a brief update along with sports show information. The bite around Pierre for those brave enough to get out died off a bit with much colder water temps. Some activity on the ice and the big Mobridge tournament is going on. Not a lot of geese being shot. I WILL BE AT THE MID AMERICA CENTER SPORTS SHOW IN COUNCIL BLUFFS IA WITH MY BOOTH AND ALSO DOING DAILY SEMINARS ON FISHING SOUTH DAKOTA'S MISSOURI RIVER WATERS NEXT FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY THE 18TH 19TH AND 20TH. I WILL ALSO HAVE MY BOOTH AT THE OMAHA BOAT AND TRAVEL SHOW FEB 21ST, 22ND, 23RD AND 24TH. IF YOU ARE ATTENDING EITHER OF THESE SHOWS STOP BY MY BOOTH AND VISIT. I hope everyone is having a good New Year.



Month by Month Guiding Breakdown

April/ May

Both of these month's produce excellent walleye fishing along with great smallmouth/ Northern/ Catfish. Weather is a factor so many times we have to stay off big water because of high winds etc. but this is a great time to go after the big northern and catfish in the back of creeks/bays to beat the weather. Also fishing on Sharpe below Dam keeps you out of wind and produce's nice limits of walleye. Jig fishing when water temps cold along with btm. bouncer presentations as water warms most common .Boat traffic can be much more around the Pierre area.


By far the busiest month on both lakes.( School out and just traditionally start of summer season] so book early if possible to get best guides/lodging. The fishing is excellent for all species. Weather can still be a factor. We are usually fishing with Lindy or btm. bouncer's.


Best all around month for both fishing and weather especially family trips Walleye fishing at seasonal peak especially in high water periods on Oahe. and Sharpe good two. Btm. Bouncer presentations most common.


Same as July but there can be hotter weather. If there is a breeze it is not to bad as big lake water temps keep heat down. Fish can be a little deeper but still great fishing.


Very good on the walleye fishing with fall weather great toward end of month. As water cools jig fishing starts to come into play again.

October / November

Fishing is still good but weather coming into play again Jigs work best especially in colder water. Combination Hunting /fishing trips most common. Just a note: You can catch fish in all the months above tolling or casting plugs and we do that often. But I have found that guiding people over the years most prefer live bait hover fishing better so I spend more time with btm/bouncer/crawler/minnow/leeches than the plugs but pulling plugs is always a good alternative and sometimes can be the best.

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Hutch say's...
Kent Hutcheson

The 2019 open water fishing season is here. Once again a big thank you to my 2018 customers for your business last year and in years past. You can scroll thru the catch's/reports tab above for previous years and see a lot of happy faces and also around a 100 % walleye limit success story. The thing I am the most proud of is the amount of repeat customers that you will see if you scroll back over the years. This is a real good indication of the kind of fishing/hunting we have in the Pierre area along with supporting my decision to start my guide service here years back. Just a lot of great memory's with a lot of great folks.

Lake Oahe could be a little slower and more challenging on the lower end of the Lake. Walleye numbers appear to be less from basically the Cheyenne down to the dam but the further up river you go numbers of both bait and fish improve. To me this probably means I will spend more time fishing north of Pierre on Oahe, Most of the walleye/smallmouth fishing should be good for the good with most guides and experienced anglers doing well. Water levels should be high and that will help hopefully with a smelt run this year. Bait fish continue to be good on Oahe but a smelt run would really help the over all fishery.

Lake Sharpe this year. Plenty of shad again makes this another great year on the small lake. There should be plenty of over 15 inch walleye around making limits for the anglers spending time on the water very good. Smallmouth fishing should continue to be excellent however average size will be better on Oahe. Catfishing on both lakes will be great for those spending the time to fish for these guys. They are an under fished alternative and can make for a great mixed bag experience. Northern and white bass make for more eating fish limits on both lakes.

I will continue to post the fishing catch's/reports pages as soon as I get on the water with an average up date every 3 days in the hope that this feature will help those of you who are planning trips. I will give general info on area's we are fishing ,depths we are fishing, and baits that are working along with picture's of the size fish we are catching. My hope is that you can use this feature to help you in planning a trip or saving some time in hunting the fish.

Lake Oahe/Sharpe in the Pierre area still continues to be one the best location's for the quality of fishing/hunting that is here for those coming from Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, even eastern Colorado and eastern Wyoming. We also see a lot of Wisconsin Minnesota angler's over here so we hope you will come our way. There are also many other things to do while in Pierre. Information on my things to do tab will show some of these.

If you need a licensed experienced ( 30 plus years and USCG CAPTAIN) guide service please give me a call or send and email and hopefully we can do a trip together sometime.

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U.S.C.G. Master Captain ref #2976405 and
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