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2010 Fishing Reports

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November 6th, 2010 Fishing Report

Fished Dave Seiler Group from around Sioux City Ia. to limits of smallmouth bass and some northern pike on Oahe. The bite for walleye is spotty but I am hearing of some fish being caught pitching jig/minnows on both main lake and back of the Cheyenne. Bass in around 20 to 30 foot and numbers and size very good. Sharpe slow around bridges to dam but improving downriver in Ft George area on bouncer/minnow, jigs, or plugs. Not much boat traffic and on days weather is good there is nice fall fishing. Pheasant hunting going full swing and numbers great.


October 18th, 2010 Fishing Report

The fall smallmouth bite has started with limits on Oahe common. I fished a great bunch of guys out of Spring creek from Texas to limits of smallmouth, one 26inch walleye and 3 northern on Friday and then fished Lee Hamman from Omaha to a limit of smallmouth and some walleye and northern over weekend. The fall walleye bite needs more cold weather as 2 to 6 fish probably about the norm on big lake. Smallmouth are in about 20 feet of water and minnows work the best. Jigs, jigging spoons, or bottom bouncer/minnows all work. Good numbers of Northern Pike also being caught. all over lake with some 17 to 20 lb. fish around. Salmon run starting to wind down but action was going for a week or so as spawning run going. Lake Sharpe getting harder but if you spend the time you can get limits of walleye. Fish at the bend are scattered but 30 foot is a good target area. Current breaks around Pierre are best. Either jigs/minnows/gulp or bouncer/minnows bait of choice. Hunting season in full swing with great numbers of birds. Success ratio excellent for those hunting both ducks/ Pheasants. Weather excellent but get ready as frost on the pumpkins.

Good hunting / fishing, Hutch

October 1st,  2010 Fishing Report

Fishing on Oahe has slowed but the bite on Sharpe is good. Catching an avg. of 2 to 6 walleye a day is pretty much the norm for the avg. fisherman on big lake but the river fishing on Sharpe is very good if corps is running the right amount of current. Fished the Mcnamana group to limits on river then fished the Lonnie Wann Agri Gro group to 88 fish limits on river and lake with guides Dave Spaid, Tom Bruno, Ne. John and Brad Garrett helping.. Bite is mostly crawlers but minnow starting to work. River chubs on main lake is starting to be bait of choice. Caught fish on lake from 15 to 40 foot. with a slower presentation. (hover fishing) Jigging spoons also working. I will be doing fishing report just weekly now as season winds down.

Good fishing Hutch

September 13-19,  2010 Fishing Report

Fishing was limited over the last week as fall weather brought rain and wind with a lot of colder days. The bite on Oahe was very spotty due to this. Fish were being caught all the way down to 30/ 45 feet deep on crawler/bouncer rigs but working hard for them was the norm. The bite on Sharpe is good with some nice fish being caught at West bend and also in the Pierre Area as weather putting more boats on high bluffs .Most of the action there on bouncer /crawlers but pulling plugs can produce nice catches also. Weather looks to be a little better this next week so expect more fish to be caught. Big key to Oahe is finding were bait and fish are at on electronics and targeting that depth. Lead core line/plugs working for some.

Good fishing Hutch

With September underway the bite is harder but very good for the bigger walleyes, getting fish over 20 inches is the norm on Oahe but getting numbers of fish is a little harder. Fished a great crew of guys from central Iowa  from Spring Creek Marina to possession limits of walleyes and around 25 or so smallmouth bass over the last two days. They got all of there over's to 24 inches plus all the rest of there walleye limits were in the 18 to 19 inch range. Very nice fish but we had to work for them. Fishing in 20 to 30 ft of water around the Spring Creek area with night crawler/bouncers produced all of the fish. Using Lowrance to find the fish on humps/points near main channel to catch as much current as possible as corps still dumping water. Salmon bite still spotty but bigger fish common. Sharpe is muddy in Pierre area but fish being caught at the bend. Boat traffic low. Plug fishing good also. September looks to be a big fish month on lower Oahe.

Good fishing, Hutch

Labor day weekend turned out to be as good as bite for big fish as we have had all summer and with the exception of Monday very good weather also. Fished the Wilkey family from central Iowa along with guides Dave Spaid and Larry Porter for the Outpost lodge to 64 big fish limit of walleye plus 50 smallmouth bass plus fish fry of fish one night. Caught most of these fish out of cow creek on lower end of lake and I think this means the walleyes are starting to move out of the trees into water that it is easier to catch them in. Caught fish from 12 feet to 35 ft in afternoon so it is important to find them first with electronics. Used bouncer /crawler rigs but fish being caught pulling plugs to so if that is your style it works. I would describe bite as hard work but very good for big fish, I also think September might be the best bite for lower Oahe that we have had for a long time for those that know the lake.

Good fishing Hutch

September 1,  2010 Fishing Report

Guided Mick Hoffman and his lovely wife from Nebraska to a limit of Oahe walleyes but wind was 30 mph plus so catching limits was about all we could do. Bite was in around 25 to 30 feet on bouncer/crawler rigs and just drifting across points that the wind would allow us to. Salmon fishing drawing more interest as several bigger fish in the 20lb,or bigger range being caught. Bite still not a lot of numbers for salmon but bigger fish with possibility of new state record generating more traffic for them. Corps running a lot of water out and lake dropping daily so walleyes getting deeper and relating to humps with current. Some boats are doing well trolling plugs. Very little boat traffic around but expect more over labor day weekend.

Good Fishing Hutch

August 25th,  2010 Fishing Report

Fished Wayne Henderson Group from around Lodgepole to a real nice batch of big walleye's (all over's to 24 inches) and a limit of smallmouth bass. Had nice weather and a great day. Caught most of these fish right around submerged trees in about 20 feet of water fishing Spring Creek/Cow Creek area. The bite from the dam to the Cheyenne river is a little harder because a big amount of all species are living in the trees and are harder to get at. The size is very good though so it is worth it if bigger overall size is what you want. Cheyenne to 212 bridge still very good and probably a little better for numbers of fish. Bouncer/crawlers still guide preference but you can catch them pulling plugs in 15 to 35 feet of water also. August is going to be one of the best we have had for a long time. September might very good also especially on lower end of lake if fish start to move out of trees.

Good Fishing Hutch

August 21-22nd,  2010 Fishing Report

Fishing over the weekend was very good for some and spotty for others. Some big fish catches reported around Spring Creek area mostly on bottom bouncer/night crawlers. Pulling plugs can be good in 20 to 30 foot range around lake Oahe. West Bend area getting a little tougher but those who know the bend still catching all they want . Depth there getting around 20 to 30 feet most of the time.

Good fishing Hutch

August 17th,  2010 Fishing Report

Fished brothers Mike Ed and Nolan from Nebraska and Wyoming for the last two days. Went on Oahe on day one and got all of there over's on walleye and some smallmouth bass and northern pike pulling plugs over trees on some of the big flats. Went down to the bend on day two and got 16 fish limit of nice fish so they had a nice amount of fish for their annual reunion fish fry. Fishing on both places going great however we stayed on lower end of lake day one looking for big fish which we got but struggled for numbers. Better for numbers at west bend or Cheyenne North. Live bait working but trolling plugs also very good presentation Lead core or shallow plugs with wind both work.

Good fishing, Hutch

August 14th,  2010 Fishing Report

Fished Oahe and Sharp with this great bunch of guys from Kansas staying at Spring Creek Marina to possession limits of walleye along with some smallmouth, then fished a nine person family outing from Minnesota South Dakota and North Dakota to a 36 fish limit at the bend. Tom Bruno and Nebraska John helped with the guiding. We all used same standard rig (bottom bouncer/crawler) to catch the fish. Fishing on Oahe still going strong but a lot more little fish to contend with. Trolling plugs coming into play more often as some of the bigger fish starting to chase suspended baitfish in 25 to 35 foot range. There are still plenty of fish in 15 to 20 foot range especially on the top of humps. Fish are moving up to feed then dropping deeper when done feeding or spooked by boat pressure. West Bend still putting out fast action for eater size fish in 10 to 20 feet. Pressure more in both places on weekends but down week days. Corps running a lot of water so current coming into play as humps and points close to channel better. All tree beds under water full of fish but hard to get at. I will say this again. There is no skill in driving your boat around till you find other boats. Anyone can do that. The sport is hunting them down. Walleyes are easy to catch but hard to find. Developing the skill to finding them is the real sport and the sign of better fishermen who are willing to work for there fish rather than letting someone else do it for them.

Good fishing Hutch

August 11th,  2010 Fishing Report

Guided Allen and Ellen Buckly and there friend Gene to a nice 2 day limit of Oahe walleye and some smallmouth. Fishing still very good (we caught maybe 40 fish a day) but a lot more small fish showing up so you have to be more selective if you want to come in with bigger fish. Fish are getting a little deeper some days and we caught some in 35 feet of water later in the day.

Crawler/bouncers with plain hook and monitoring humps & points still best. Bite still going good from Cheyenne to 212 bridge.

Good Fishing Hutch

Also fished these two avid Chicago fisherman Gus and Ulie to these whoppers.

August 6th & 7th,  2010 Fishing Report

Fished Mike and Andy Hoffman and friends Mike and Robbie on 6th and 7th of August. They are a great bunch of guys and had a great time. We stayed on Oahe both days and it was great fishing. Actually had a 20 fish limit by noon on day two with all fish in 18 to 19 inch range. Fished mostly around the Cheyenne river area with bottom bouncer/crawlers. We avoided other boats and looked for inside points to get these fish. Most fish we caught were easy to see on fish finder in around 15 to 20 feet of water. There are some very good catches of fish being caught by those pulling plugs (both lead core and regular line) with bigger fish being taken suspended in around 30 feet. Weather more stable now with less wind and storms and fishing for good fishermen is almost exceptional. Most who know lake and are fishing from Cheyenne to 212 bridge taking limits most days. Fishing from dam to Cheyenne improved but still spotty. Salmon fishing spotty but 10 lb fish plus common.

Good fishing Hutch

August 5th,  2010 Fishing Report

Went down to West Bend with Dale and Sandy Hanna and there nephew Pat from Omaha and got a limit of nice walleye eaters for there 2nd day of their trip. Not as big of fish as Oahe but faster action. Fished in 10 ft. of water with standard rig ( bottom bouncer/crawler on plain hook) and caught maybe 30 fish or so keeping 16 fish limit by noon. They then took in the Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre. Great Place to see after a nice fishing day.

One of the reasons why I settled in Pierre 30 years ago is because it is centered between Sharp and Oahe so you have the best of both worlds. You can spend a day getting numbers of smaller fish on Sharp and then a day or two going after the larger fish that Oahe offers. This trip was a perfect example of that as they took limits of both big fish on Oahe then numbers of eaters on Sharpe. Bite good both places and a lot fewer boats so if you are looking for less crowded boat ramps and nice fishing, now is as good as time as any to make a trip.

Good fishing Hutch

August 2nd - 4th,  2010 Fishing Report

Fished Milt Tenipor former Nebraska O line coach and his group of guys to a 36 fish limit at West Bend on first day but struggled out of Spring Creek 2nd day. Had to quit a little early due to a storm. The fish we got were nice and we had a lot of smallmouth also but didn't get limits. Caught fish at the bend in 12  feet of water and fish on lake Oahe in 30 ft. all on crawler/bouncer rigs.
Stayed on Oahe and went out of Cow Creek and got a good limit of all over's and mostly 18 inch fish in Chantier Creek area with Dale and Sandy Hanna from Omaha. Fished same baits but worked mostly 15 ft. or so. Bite from dam to Cheyenne improved but can still be tough especially for those who are new to Oahe as getting on the fish is a little harder than say West Bend but Quality of fish just great. Bite Cheyenne on up is very good for the good fishermen. Looks to be an exceptional August as size and health of fish is super. Spend time looking for fish with electronics and do not be afraid to move and fish a lot of humps and points. Salmon bite spotty with mostly 2 fish average a boat. Some better catches reported now and then.

Good fishing Hutch

July 30th & 31st,  2010 Fishing Report

Finally the fishing from the dam to Cheyenne is starting to be more consistent. Fish are showing up around the big flats and most of the main lake points in 15 to 30 feet. I fished Pete and brother in law John from Omaha on Friday and we took a real nice limit of 19 inch plus fish with over's in around 15 feet of water on crawler/bouncers and got a limit of smallmouth bass also.

Went out of Spring Creek with Jon and his friend Clarence on Sat. 31 and were back in by 2 o'clock with a nice limit of Oahe walleyes and limit of smallmouth all caught in 20 to 25 ft. on same thing. I think that those who know the south end of the lake are doing very well but it can be hard to get on the fish for inexperienced or first time to Oahe anglers so stay in better resorts that will help you to get on the bite or get a guide first day to show you around. Fishing all around in summer mode bite (stable and good ) but some days you have to work for them. If you want trophy fish put down the lead core or deep running plugs for suspended big fish or pull shallow plugs over tree's on both Peoira and Sully Flats. Best chance for the 28 inch plus walleye's but probably not numbers.

Good Fishing Hutch

July 28th,  2010 Fishing Report

Just when Jeb and Mary Piles from Malcolm, Nebraska thought it couldn't get any better, it Did! They caught a limit of Oahe walleye that were all over 19 inches plus with 3 over 20 inches. Then we went and got a limit of smallmouth bass all around 3 lbs. We got these fish in around 15 feet of water with bouncer/crawler rigs. Full crawlers seemed better today but some days 1/2 crawlers work better. Only fishing where I can mark fish and inside points where I think other boats haven't been fishing.

Caught these fish going out of Spring/Cow Creek area. Saw maybe 4 other boats all day but am not sure just yet that the bite is as good as Cheyenne and further north. Many boats still struggling from dam to Cheyenne but I am hoping that August will bring the bite here. The fish in this area are even bigger and fatter than those around Sutton Bay area and that is saying something as they are nice fish there too. Best year that I can remember since early 90's. Remember do not be afraid to move around a lot even if marking fish as they could have just finished feeding and be hard to catch. Look for those that are on the feed. Stay away from other boat traffic as bait and fish spook real quick when other fish are being caught.

Good fishing Hutch

July 23rd - 25th,  2010 Fishing Report

Fished the Rezac's from Wisconsin and Nebraska. Got limits of fish on Oahe around the Willow Bull area then fished Mary and Jeb Piles from Malcom Nebraska to a super limit of fish on Oahe with an easy average of 18 inch plus fish with several in the 5 to 7lb range. Still bouncers/crawlers in around 20 feet. Just monitoring points/humps were I think its unlikely any one has fished untill we spot at least 4 to 6 fish then going after them. Corps is starting to drop lake so a lot of little fish showing up and that is good to see. I think the dropping water brings them out of the back of the creeks or out of the shallows to area's we fish. If I am fishing a spot that is covered with these little guys I just leave and go to another spot as they beat the big guys to the bait. Bite is as good now as any time this year. Big fish more common this year than in the recent past. When GF and Parks put in 14 fish limit a few years back I didn't think that approach was going to work but evidently biologist's and John Cooper (GFP head at time) knew a little more than a fishing guide. Lake is full of bait and full of fish. They did a great job. August looks to be a great month. Maybe the best of the year.

Good fishing Hutch

July 22nd, 2010 Fishing Report

Guided Doctor John Ingram and his family from Denison to a nice 20 fish limit with around an 18 inch average size. Great family and a nice day. Caught fish in around 17 to 20 ft on bouncer/crawler rigs and they were easy to find as we just monitored points and humps until we saw fish and then dropped down.

Saw maybe 10 other boats all day and never fished or had anyone fish around us so a lot less traffic around now (boat ramps not crowded) and I think as good a bite as we have had all year. I think July really is as good of month to come to Oahe as June for fishing and you do not have to contend with crowded ramps, crowded points etc.

August might even be better with the high water especially from dam to Cheyenne as bite here has been late this year. Hotter days but you really don't notice heat on lake if there is any breeze as water temps stay in 70's. Best area still Cheyenne to Stove creek.

Good fishing Hutch

July 19th & 20th, 2010 Fishing Report

Fished Roger and brother Gary Loske 19th and 20th. Had great weather and great fishing. We took limits of walleye and smallmouth keeping only 18 inch fish or better (walleye) and had around 3 lb avg. on the bass. Used the standby for this time of year, bouncers and crawlers Fished in 15 feet to 20 feet and just fished where there were no other boats and where I could mark the fish. Fishing now for those with good equipment for finding fish getting easier as you can drive the banks looking for the fish and when you spot some drop bait down as most bait and fish getting to at least 15 foot or better. Remember there is no skill in driving around until you find other boats. Learn to hunt the walleyes down and you will know that you earned the fish you caught because of your own time and ability. That is the real sport. The hunt. Bite still Cheyenne and North however dam to Cheyenne improving but tough for those not knowing area.

Good fishing Hutch

July 16th, 2010 Fishing Report

I fished the Vellon group from Colorado (Grandfather, Son and grandsons) for three days. We took full limits of fish on both Sharp (in big wind) and Oahe with Biggest fish a 28 incher along with 24 incher caught by grandson and a lot of 18 to 19 inch fish. I have thought all along that July would be the best month on Oahe and I believe that to be true as there are very good numbers of big fish being caught along with an abundance of 18 to 19 inch fish. It is true that some boats struggle on Oahe but most boats that know the lake and are willing to spend time to find the fish (not other boats) are coming in with great catches. The Governors cup tournament is this weekend and I think you will see a lot of old days weights and if the weather holds might take a 4lb avg. to win. Bite is getting better from Dam to Cheyenne but still not as good as it should be for July. Might be the place in August this year. Cheyenne to 212 bridge is still were its happing in anywhere from 5 to 20 feet depending on wind. Best bait still crawlers/bouncers. Don't worry how to catch them just dedicate time to finding them.

Good fishing, Hutch

July 14th, 2010 Fishing Report

Fishing this July is excellent for all those landing on feeding fish. I move as many as 25 times a day to find fish on the feed. There has been more than normal fishing pressure so fish seem to spook a little quicker if you are fishing in community spots. I have been trying to just find places where I observe no other boats have been fishing. That usually works and produces fish that hang around so you can take more numbers. Fish are on the banks more than I can remember for this time of the year so do not be afraid to fish in 10 feet of water or less especially when the wind blows. Crawlers/bouncers still choice of most guides but plug fishing and leeches all work. Sharp at West Bend still putting out numbers of fish and there is no 15 inch minimum now so limits common but size of fish compaired to Oahe fishing is not even close. If you want the bigger fish there is no doubt were to go.

Good fishing and good hunting the fish, Hutch

July 4th, 2010 Fishing Report

Fished the Womacks from Wyoming and got three nice limits of walleye plus some bass, northern and catfish so they had a nice bag to take home. The good news is that we caught nearly all the fish in 18 to 23ft. so at least some of the fish are starting to come off the bank. That means you can see them on electronics and that makes for a more stable/easier bite however some fish are still being caught in 10 ft or less. Using crawlers/bouncers but leeches work well. Plug pullers getting shallow fish so take your pick. Cheyenne river to the 212 bridge is best bet but there is a lot of traffic in these area's. Three pound average walleye stringers are almost the norm for those who are willing to be selective and release a few smaller fish. Remember when releasing a gut hooked fish cut the string around 6 inches up and leave the hook in them as this gives them the best chance to survive. All around good sportsmanship makes for the best anglers.

Good fishing, Hutch

July 1st & 2nd, 2010 Fishing Report

Fished with Cari White and son Tyler and daughter Kristin on the 1st & 2nd July with wind blowing up to gusts of 40mph so that was a big factor. Went to West Bend area to get out off wind and got limits of walleyes so went in back of creeks on Oahe on day two to finish possession limits of walleye and get a nice limit of smallmouth bass for them to take home. That worked out in spite of big winds. South Dakota has big blows so using the wind (mud lines, and places you can drift) and picking places that hold fish out of wind (back of creeks, high bluffs, and sheltered boat ramps) are a big factor. Bite at west bend still good and Oahe should start getting to the best bite of the year as fish and bait move out to 20ft or more were you can find them with electronics. Much easier fishing than 10 feet or less bite and usually less wind in July August. Fish on Oahe are in great shape as tons of the right size bait available for them. Remember move around a lot until you find fish and if you want the big catches avoid other boat traffic as much as possible. Walleye's are easy to catch most of the time but are one of the hardest fish to find. The real sport that a lot of people miss is that to most great walleye fisherman hunting them is a lot more fun than catching them. It is pretty easy to find other boats on the lake and use there ability and time to catch a few fish but those who do (from my viewpoint) miss the real sport.

Good fishing and hunting, Hutch

June 28th - 30th, 2010 Fishing Report

Fished with Darrell Dettering and DeWayne the 28th, 29th, & 30th June with possession limits of walleye plus others, but never really landed on a big batch of fish. Would describe bite as spotty with some good catches coming in for those who get on fish but for those who miss shorelines holding good numbers a harder bite. Mud lines in wind are key to good catches and fishing them can be very productive if fish have moved in from the deep. Bite is still crawlers/bouncers but trolling plugs can work. Fish still mostly 10 feet or less.

Good fishing, Hutch

June 19th - 27th, 2010 Fishing Report

Fished repeat customers Gary Loske the 19th, 20th, and 21st with a tougher bite. Fish are spread out becoming harder to find. We caught some very shallow, 3 feet and some out in 20 ft with a couple of fish in 30' so weather and bait hatches putting fish in different depths. That makes for finding them troublesome but managed to get good fish for them. Still using crawlers/bouncer rigs.

On 25th, 26th, and 27th fished the Tim Bummer group (seven) from Council bluffs Iowa along with partner Tom Bruno. 1st day out was the toughest walleye day I have had this year on Oahe catching one walleye by noon so we got in a smallmouth area and caught around 30 bass. The next two days the bite straigtened out . Got a nice limit of walleye on Oahe in the Sutton Bay area and then since they wanted to depart at noon on Sunday went to the west bend area and got them a nice limit of walleyes with one fish around 24 inches. That is a nice fish on Sharp. They took there possession limit of walleye home with them. Caught the fish on Oahe in around 5 feet of water and around 30 feet on Sharp. Once again the key to taking limits of fish on Oahe especially in the shallow water from my viewpoint is to avoid other boat traffic as much as possible as fish are spooky and just leave if pressured most of the time. Besides, is getting away from it all, parking yourself in the middle of 10 or 15 boats? Don't spend as much time worrying about how to fish. Bouncers/crawlers work. Spend more time on were to fish and don't be afraid to move as many as 20 times in a day to find feeding fish.

Good fishing, Hutch

June 20th - 24th, 2010 Fishing Report

And then whoa. After big wind the bite has gotten tougher. Around the Cheyenne and Pierre area it started to straighten out a little yesterday, however fish are still being caught but limits are harder to come by. I think weather is a factor along with the fact that some of the fish are real shallow and some are deep. We took limits in the 3 to 5 foot range for two days but heard of fish being caught in 20 foot or deeper, so right now they are split up and that leads to harder fishing. My game plan has been to monitor fish deep but if I can't see them I put down spinners in 3 to 5 ft and take a hike until I run across a school. Plug fishing also works to cover a little more territory quicker in shallow water. A lot of bait hatches in back of creeks but for the most part the walleye haven't found them yet. Best bet live bait is still crawlers but leeches great two. Good fishing Hutch

June 16th - 18th, 2010 Fishing Report

Fished with Dad, Max Nordeen and son Tom for the last three days and we had a great time but they brought the wind with them from St Ed. Nebraska. 23 to 35 mph stuff for 2 days with middle day 51 mph. Typical June weather and why I still think July with more stable weather and just as good of a bite, and a lot less boat traffic the best month to fish Oahe. We limited every day but spent the day at West Bend when the wind went to 50 mph getting some eaters in 15 to 17 inch range then two days on lake Oahe in big wind but getting limits of nice fish in 18 to 19 inch range with limits of over's to take home.

Fish are generally around 15 feet deep but in big wind we got over half of them drifting tips of points in as little as 3 to 8 feet. Night crawlers and bottom bouncers still best live bait method but trollers catching fish on plugs in 10 foot range. Fishing excellent from back of Cheyenne to 212 bridge and above to Mobridge so take your pick. Some fish starting to relate to back of cups especially were main points have heavy fishing pressure. We have a lake full of bait fish and all species fat and healthy and great eating so come on up and get some.

Good fishing Hutch

June 14th - 15th, 2010 Fishing Report

Fished with the Hupka party, Jeff, Joe and Jim on Monday and Tuesday . Bite moved out to 14 to 20 feet but still caught fish on crawlers. Average size 3 lbs but getting all over's in 4 lb or better range every trip. Fishery is very healthy and bite is excellent. Game plan is about the same every day. Just try to find fish away from other boats as we can get better avg. size and more numbers. Remember that the quickest way to spook fish is to let them run around when hooked so they scare other fish and also run out the bait fish they are feeding on. Try to pull caught fish away from the main school of fish and bait when possible and you well enhance your catch. Most fish relating to shale/gravel spots.

Good fishing Hutch

June 11th - 13th, 2010 Fishing Report

Fished with Keith, Dave and Doug Leonard from Atlantic Iowa on the 11th 12th and 13th. They got their Limits of walleye with all of there over's plus a nice limit of smallmouth bass and some northerns, catfish and perch. Caught most of the walleye on crawlers in 10ft or less however on day three had to drop to 20 feet to get them as cold front moved through. A lot less traffic around Bush's landing and bite there starting to go. A lot of boats in Cheyenne and key to making the big catch's is staying away from the parking lot fishing and fish a lot of spots until you land on a bunch of feeding fish that aren't being pressured.

Good fishing Hutch

June 10th, 2010 Fishing Report

Just finished fishing with a great bunch of seven fellows from Council Bluffs Iowa that Dennis Wilke brings up and they had a great trip both weather wise and fishing. They got there 56 fish limit of walleye keeping all fish in the 18 to 19 inch range and also getting all of there over 20 inch fish with biggest a 29 incher the first two days, so we went out on 3rd day and got a limit of 25 3 to 4lb. smallmouth bass along with limits of walleye for myself and Guide Ne John who was helping me on this trip. The fishing on Oahe is excellent and should stay this way for the rest of the summer with as nice a year class of fish as I have seen since the early 90's. Bite is good from 212 bridge south to Cheyenne River. Cheyenne has a lot of boat action so if that bothers you we took limits south of 212 bridge and saw one other boat all day. Fished with live bait for the walleye in 10 feet of water or less with night crawlers being best, took a lot of the bass on Berkley Gulp. The water is close to full pool (surface temps in 60's) and fish are as healthy and fat as I can remember them ever being. Still think July is going to be great month but this is hard to beat.

Good fishing Hutch

June 8th, 2010 Fishing Report

Fishing has just started to go all over main lake as surface temps now in 60's. I have been taking limits at both west bend and Oahe. Was out today with 2 boats and the Wilke bunch from Council Bluffs Iowa and we kept a 36 walleye limit with all fish in 18 to 19 inch range with 7 over the 20 inch mark. Fish caught on crawlers in 3ft to 8ft. range. Will fish Oahe from this point on so will have limited reports on west bend area. All areas are going now from Akaska down.

Good fishing Hutch

May 28th, 2010 Fishing Report

Not much change since last report around the Pierre area. Bite at west bend still excellent. Fish moving away from spawning beds and using the big warm water flats around the bends. Have taken limits of 15 to 17 inch fish every time we have been there . Down town Pierre still okay but once again it is like fishing in a parking lot . Fished Cheyenne river arm on Oahe two days ago and came in with one 7lb. walleye and two 3lb. fish, I think others were catching some also so the lake is starting to go, Night Crawlers working. Plenty of white bass going so if you go there you still get some action .Weather has been warm and windy so not a lot of local boats on lake.

Good fishing Hutch

May 20th, 2010 Fishing Report

As can be expected in May we had a wind day so we went out on Oahe and spent the day in the back of creeks out of the wind fishing with slip bobbers and smelt. Ended up with 2 17lb northern, One 27 inch walleye, and 42 channel catfish that were all in the 4lb. range. Great fun catching and eating and a very good wind option.  Bite still on at west bend on crawlers , minnows or plugs. A little harder around Pierre under bridges but better reports on Oahe as I am hearing about some 4 to 5 fish per boat catches. Warm weather all this week should get things going.

Good fishing. Hutch

May 14th & 15th, 2010 Fishing Report

Fished west bend area again Friday Sat and bite there is still very good. Allot of boats around and most of the boats in the community spots were catching fish but getting away from the crowds and fishing away from all the boat traffic pays big both in size and numbers for those willing to look a little. We had limits both days with all of our over's and never fished around another boat The bite is still on around the bridges in Pierre but you won't be fishing alone. Four guide boats that I know of on Oahe and only heard of one 22 inch walleye but warm weather this week could make a big difference. Cat fishing, in back of creeks is excellent. Will be on water now every day and will try to report every 3 to 5 days.

Good Fishing Hutch

May 1st & 2nd, 2010 Fishing Report

Fishing at both West Bend and the Pierre area is very good. There are alot of limits in Pierre around the bridges but there are also a lot of boats. I fished both Sat and Sunday at west bend and had limits of fish ( walleye/smallmouth) for 3 fellows by 2 o'clock both days in spite of 25 to 35mph winds. Not many boats on Oahe because of wind /weather and tough bite. Best bite with least amount of traffic is the West Bend area. Jigs/ Bouncers with minnows or shallow plugs all work.

Good fishing, Hutch

April 22, 2010 Fishing Report

The bite at West Bend is very good for both walleye and small mouth bass. The walleye there are just about done spawning . Most of the fish being caught are 15 to 17 inch males and we had no trouble getting a 12 fish limit of walleye in the boat by noon on Thursday. Fishing with jigs and minnows/Gulp or minnows on bottom bouncers works along with pulling plugs. Fish are being caught in 5 to 10 ft of water around any of the spawning beds. This weekend looks like rain but for the hardy good numbers can be caught. Not many boats on lower Oahe and bite is real spotty for walleye but 4 to 7 fish a day for salmon fishing is about average. Most being caught 30 down over 40ft. around the dam. Here are some pictures of the average size coming down at west bend. Nice eaters. Little better size fish around Pierre area and bite is good there also.

Good fishing, Hutch

Month by Month Guiding Breakdown

April/ May

Both of these month's produce excellent walleye fishing along with great smallmouth/ Northern/ Catfish. Weather is a factor so many times we have to stay off big water because of high winds etc. but this is a great time to go after the big northern and catfish in the back of creeks/bays to beat the weather. Also fishing on Sharpe below Dam keeps you out of wind and produce's nice limits of walleye. Jig fishing when water temps cold along with btm. bouncer presentations as water warms most common .Boat traffic can be much more around the Pierre area.


By far the busiest month on both lakes.( School out and just traditionally start of summer season] so book early if possible to get best guides/lodging. The fishing is excellent for all species. Weather can still be a factor. We are usually fishing with Lindy or btm. bouncer's.


Best all around month for both fishing and weather especially family trips Walleye fishing at seasonal peak especially in high water periods on Oahe. and Sharpe good two. Btm. Bouncer presentations most common.


Same as July but there can be hotter weather. If there is a breeze it is not to bad as big lake water temps keep heat down. Fish can be a little deeper but still great fishing.


Very good on the walleye fishing with fall weather great toward end of month. As water cools jig fishing starts to come into play again.

October / November

Fishing is still good but weather coming into play again Jigs work best especially in colder water. Combination Hunting /fishing trips most common. Just a note: You can catch fish in all the months above tolling or casting plugs and we do that often. But I have found that guiding people over the years most prefer live bait hover fishing better so I spend more time with btm/bouncer/crawler/minnow/leeches than the plugs but pulling plugs is always a good alternative and sometimes can be the best.

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Hutch say's...
Kent Hutcheson

The 2021 open water fishing season is here. Once again a big thank you to my 2019 customers for your business last year and in years past. You can scroll thru the catch's/reports tab above for previous years and see a lot of happy faces and also around a 100 % walleye limit success story. The thing I am the most proud of is the amount of repeat customers that you will see if you scroll back over the years. This is a real good indication of the kind of fishing/hunting we have in the Pierre area along with supporting my decision to start my guide service here years back. Just a lot of great memory's with a lot of great folks.

Lake Oahe could be a little slower and more challenging on the lower end of the Lake. Walleye numbers appear to be less from basically the Cheyenne down to the dam but the further up river you go numbers of both bait and fish improve. To me this probably means I will spend more time fishing north of Pierre on Oahe, Most of the walleye/smallmouth fishing should be good for the good with most guides and experienced anglers doing well. Water levels should be high and that will help hopefully with a smelt run this year. Bait fish continue to be good on Oahe but a smelt run would really help the over all fishery.

Lake Sharpe this year. Plenty of shad again makes this another great year on the small lake. There should be plenty of over 15 inch walleye around making limits for the anglers spending time on the water very good. Smallmouth fishing should continue to be excellent however average size will be better on Oahe. Catfishing on both lakes will be great for those spending the time to fish for these guys. They are an under fished alternative and can make for a great mixed bag experience. Northern and white bass make for more eating fish limits on both lakes.

I will continue to post the fishing catch's/reports pages as soon as I get on the water with an average up date every 3 days in the hope that this feature will help those of you who are planning trips. I will give general info on area's we are fishing ,depths we are fishing, and baits that are working along with picture's of the size fish we are catching. My hope is that you can use this feature to help you in planning a trip or saving some time in hunting the fish.

Lake Oahe/Sharpe in the Pierre area still continues to be one the best location's for the quality of fishing/hunting that is here for those coming from Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, even eastern Colorado and eastern Wyoming. We also see a lot of Wisconsin Minnesota angler's over here so we hope you will come our way. There are also many other things to do while in Pierre. Information on my things to do tab will show some of these.

If you need a licensed experienced ( 30 plus years and USCG CAPTAIN) guide service please give me a call or send and email and hopefully we can do a trip together sometime.

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